Bock Kwon Do Nearly Too Powerful For SCW Original Krotch

I’ve noticed a recurring theme among my opponents recently.

They all have to cheat to beat me. They know Bock Kwon Do is too powerful.

My opponents a few weeks back both had to take the low road, in different towns and in different ways.

JP Finger, in particular, has been a thorn in my side. When we faced off last month at SCW Supremacy, JP tried to claim he was a graduate of the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. He is not. As a result, his win was disqualified.

The next week, SCW security denied JP Finger entry into Hawkamania I. JP then snuck into a Green Man costume, wrestled me, and found the same fate.

That brings me to this past weekend.

My opponent was Krotch. I can only assume he requested to work with me. It seems only fair that, after learning the art of professional wrestling from him, he would want to learn the world’s greatest martial art that I created, Bock Kwon Do.

Sensei Bock has Krotch in a headlock

Krotch soon learned that the grip with which I apply headlocks is crushing.

After Krotch proceeded to play games, I went to the outside to regroup with my star pupil, Mike Heights. I must say that working with Mr. Heights on his Bock Kwon Do techniques has been a steep challenge, but Mike saved me early on in the match by sacrificing himself for me.


Krotch felt the devastation of Bock Kwon Do…

… until one of my more recent moves didn’t work. It turns out I have not perfected it yet.

Sensei Bock attempts a low punch on Krotch

Krotch, though clearly not a Bock Kwon Do student, is a cunning in-ring competitor, and took advantage of his opening (like any good Bock Kwon Do student would, I might add).

I was able to stop Krotch’s momentum with the help of Mike Heights. Teamwork is always encouraged in Bock Kwon Do. But the camera didn’t pick that up. That’s because they were focusing on a commotion.

JP Finger interrupts Sensei Bock vs. Krotch

Oh, look, it’s the failed Black and Brave graduate, JP Finger. He’s here to disgrace the excellent match I was about to win. As I focused on JP Finger, Krotch snuck up behind me, hit me with the Krotch Rocket, and scored the pin.

With all of JP’s chicanery lately, I maintain that the only way to defeat me, and a result, defeat any expert practitioner of the Bock Kwon Do system, is to cheat.

Following my loss to Krotch, I immediately headed back to the Bock Kwon Do dojo to train and then train some more.

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(All photos credit to Richard Guill. Instagram photo courtesy Elizabeth McFadin. I bow to them 🙏)

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