Only Those Who Cheat Can Overcome #BockKwonDo

This past weekend, I made it abundantly clear that my martial art, Bock Kwon Do, is the greatest martial art in the world.

So powerful was Bock Kwon Do that the only way to counter my onslaught was to cheat.

That’s exactly what Alexander S. Kirk and Zac Booth have in common.

Saturday night, I wrestled at United Wrestling Coalition 105: The Fall against Alexander S. Kirk.

Things were going good…


Until Cynammon got involved.


Sunday was a similar case.

I already knew when I signed on to wrestle “The Obsession” Zac Booth that I would be going up against any number of the Smothers Family. Tracy Smothers sent his goons, Robby “Da Muscle” McCann and Mini Muscle, to be in Booth’s corner.


Sure enough, since it’s the Smothers Family, I bet you can about guess how that went down. Even with as supreme a martial art as Bock Kwon Do, the numbers game is still not to be overlooked.

I vow to return to both UWC and Midwest Impact Pro with a more watchful eye. That is, if no one is throwing powder in it.

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