Not Even “Green Man” Can Overcome #BockKwonDo

SCW took over Iowa City on Friday night with our Hawkamania event. Yes, SCW fans, we will be back. I have no doubt that’s because the world’s greatest martial arts master appeared.

Earlier in the day, former (if ever) SCW wrestler JP Finger attempted to walk into Wildwood Smokehouse & Saloon. I’m not sure what his intentions were. Security squandered this attempt (in Bock Kwon Do, someone always has your back) and led him away. Meanwhile, I waved him off along with my star pupil, Mike Heights.

My interest piqued when I looked at who I would be wrestling at Hawkamania. “Green Man,” the board said.


As I walked around the dressing room, I noticed Green Man’s peculiar ways. The way he might move his hips. The way he pointed to things. He never said a word. Green man was up to something.

Just look at him.

Sensei Bock vs. Green Man - SCW Hawkamania

I’d had my suspicions, but I finally started to figure it out as soon as we tied up.

Sensei Bock vs. Green Man - SCW Hawkamania

JP Finger has unique tie-ups, you see.

The evidence against JP Finger mounted when he kneed me in the stomach and bent me over. JP Finger is the only SCW wrestler – if you can even call him that – that I know of who spanks his opponents. Afterwards, I ran to Mike Heights. He thought the same thing I did.

Sensei Bock vs. Green Man - SCW Hawkamania

Green Man picked me up for a Death Valley Driver, the signature move of one JP Finger! It had to be him.

Sensei Bock vs. Green Man - SCW Hawkamania

As Green Man celebrated his “victory,” I pleaded with the ref to unmask him. He declined. Then, I showed Mike Heights that to succeed in Bock Kwon Do, and in life, you must take matters into your own hands.

Sensei Bock vs. Green Man at SCW Hawkamania ends in Green Man being unmasked as JP Finger

I knew it!

Green Man was JP Finger all along. Just like at SCW Supremacy, JP Finger thought he had emerged victorious. However, Mr. Heights and I exposed JP Finger for who he really is – someone pretending he’s something he’s not.

JP Finger has not graduated from the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. He hasn’t graduated from any wrestling training program. He is not a wrestler. He doesn’t deserve to be near the prestigious SCW ring.

I have requested that Commissioner Sean Morrow hire additional security to make sure that JP Finger is banned in all possible ways from SCW’s Wicked Ways, this Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Walcott Coliseum in Walcott, Iowa.

(All photos credit to Richard Guill. I bow to him 🙏)

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