Persistence Pays Off At SCW Supremacy

My martial art, Bock Kwon Do, requires persistence to succeed.

That’s because I picked up my first SCW win this past Saturday at the Walcott Coliseum in Walcott, Iowa.

Sensei Bock and Mike Heights enter SCW Supremacy

I entered the venue with my star pupil, Mike Heights.

JP Finger and Jared Thumb enter at SCW Supremacy

My opponent was JP Finger. His tag team parter, Jared Thumb, isn’t so bright because he thought it was Halloween.

Jared Thumb and JP Finger mock Sensei Bock and Mike Heights

I just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone at SCW that Mike Heights is not a kung fu panda.

JP Finger vs. Sensei Bock

JP Finger thinks he’s cute, but he knows that sometimes, Bock Kwon Do is a long game.

JP Finger attempts a Figure Four at SCW Supremacy

And when you forget how to do a Figure 4…

Sensei Bock puts the kicks to JP Finger

You get the strikes.

Mike Heights rallies for Sensei Bock

Part of the Bock Kwon Do curriculum is teamwork, and Mike is doing a fine example of that here.

Bock and Heights have a miscommunication

Here’s where things get interesting. JP Finger, admittedly deft in maneuvering me into hitting my star pupil, slams me into the mat. He thinks he has me pinned.

Commissioner Sean Morrow reacts to JP Finger's victory

However, Commissioner Sean Morrow has heart-breaking news for JP. Therefore, your winner… me, Sensei Bock!

Maybe deep in their wardrobe, Jared Thumb and JP Finger can find their missing credits.

Jared Thumb and JP finger react to losing

Mr. Heights loves the feeling.

Finally, some SCW fans have started noticing what Mr. Mike Heights has noticed all along. That I am a great wrestler. That I am the world’s greatest martial arts master. That persistence pays off when you follow Bock Kwon Do.

Next time we meet, maybe JP Finger and Jared Thumb can follow Mike Heights’ example and bow to your sensei.


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A bow to Rich Guill for the photos.

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